Friday, April 27, 2012

Vogue's Ms. Buck Regrets Her Encounter with Asma and Bashar

"You know, they are pretending that nothing is happening there. It's disgusting."

Buck: "The children that I met - there were three children."
The little girl had curly hair; the two little boys had blonde hair.

Readers can't get enough of Asma Assad and I'm gonna give it to them -- she's good for my ratings. Now, thanks to NPR, they can have a glimpse into how it felt to inhabit the same space as the stylish Assads in this interview with Joan Juliet Buck the writer of The Most Embarrassing Article Of The Year.

Buck was sent to Damascus by editor, Anna Wintour, to portray Asma on the basis of Vogue's criteria: "I think that Vogue is always on the lookout for good-looking first ladies because they're a combination of power and beauty and elegance. That's what Vogue is about. And here was this woman who had never given an interview, who was extremely thin and very well-dressed and therefore, qualified to be in Vogue. And they had - Vogue had been trying to get her for quite a long time."

Anna Wintour and Joan Juliet Buck, partners in shame. Such stylish eyewear yet so blind.

Darling, you must read and listen to the whole interview, but here is a cute little snippet just to pique your interest. Pay special attention to the skinny on the family picture. 

"MELISSA BLOCK: Do you regret the story that you ended up writing?

JOAN JULIET BUCK: I regret that they titled it "A Rose in the Desert."

BLOCK: That was not your title?

BUCK: Of course not. No. There are odd things. The children that I met - there were three children. The little girl had curly hair; the two little boys had blonde hair. The photographer went after me. In the photos that came out in the magazine, you only see two children, and they both have black hair. I'm sure that if I were the president of Syria, I wouldn't want photos of my real children to appear in a magazine. But everything was like that.

I don't think I should have gone near the Assads. Asma Assad called the ancient culture of the country its hardware. She speaks like a banker with a degree in computer science. She said what interested her were the people. They were the software. The software has been getting killed every day for 13 months by her husband's forces, and they're pretending nothing is happening. It is horrifying to have been near people like that."

Read and listen to it all here.

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