Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flytilla Who? Mainstream Media May be Getting Bored with Anti-Israel Shenanigans

The mainstream media seems to be saying to the supposedly pro-Palestinian but primarily anti-Israel network, "Enough already!"

In just two months, we have witnessed damagingly underreported events such as 'Israel Apartheid Week', 'Occupy AIPAC', 'UPenn BDS Conference', 'One-State Solution Conference', 'Park Slope Food Coop BDS Referendum', 'Global March to Jerusalem', and this weekend, the 'Welcome to Palestine Flytilla'.

Do I hear someone crying wolf?

Apart from paying a bit of attention to the Park Slope silly-fest -- a local story after all -- the New York Times gave the other events listed practically no coverage. Neither did the other important national newspapers. We only got to read about them when a little blood was shed. Forgive my cynicism, but I think the organizers were looking for a little more blood, either literally or figuratively, and they didn't get what they were itching for.

I won't go into the accuracy of Isabel Kershner's dispatch on the FlytillaIsrael Moves to Block Activists’ Entry Into Nation, but it seems to me that the most significant detail of her story was this: "The main Palestinian news media have displayed little interest in what the Israelis have dubbed “flytilla”..."  Wow, even the Palestinians are getting tired of this.

The only people invested in these activities -- cos they sure ain't helping the Palestinians get a state of their own -- are the peace activists, many of whom are in their latter middle years, possibly retired, and definitely looking for something to do.

Nevertheless, it is still very important for those working to expose Israel's delegitimzers to maintain our vigilance and do the due diligence because it may just be possible the mainstream media is paying attention to us and not just losing interest in the same old, same old lies.

Here's the skinny on Flytilla:
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  1. "I think the organizers were looking for a little more blood, either literally or figuratively, and they didn't get what they were itching for."

    I think you are confusing cause and effect. Victory or defeat in these things are determined by press coverage. It is the press that is looking for blood (literally, not figuratively). To get the press coverage they need the anti-Israel activists have to produce blood. They got it with the floatilla. That was a great victory for them (however ironic). The only reason the stunts are now failing is because they have been non-violent. We will see if these "peace activists" will make sure on their next shenanigan to to get someone killed.



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