Monday, March 26, 2012

Psst, Wanna Hear a Joke About the Global March to Jerusalem?

The Joke: From Iran's official news source, Press TV, we read that on Saturday an international convoy of 'peace activists' from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India arrived to a warm reception in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on the way to Jerusalem to join 'millions' of others on March 30th in order to breach Israel's borders to 'take back' Jerusalem and unravel the Zionist edifice .

What, you didn't get the joke? You didn't get that on their way to reoccupy Jerusalem, these peace activists would have had to avert their eyes and ears from the massacres taking place in Syria? That they would have had to ignore the crimes against humanity occurring  right under their noses, in order to march towards the only place they deem worthy of protest?

Homs, Syria: Among the 47 women and children found with their
 throats slit during a massacre by Assad's gangs. Did marchers step over
their bodies on the way to Jerusalem?

Even more chillingly humorous are reports that the Syrian army has been planting landmines along its borders with Turkey and Lebanon at routes used by refugees trying to escape the killing machine that has now murdered more than 8,000. You may well ask how it was that these peace activists found safe passage along those borders without the assistance of Assad's henchmen.

You will also be forgiven for not being aware of the upcoming Global March to Jerusalem because the mainstream media has yet to cover it. You will probably only hear about it if/when it turns violent, as last year's Al Naksa Day border protests did. Then it was reported that Assad paid some farmers to attempt to breach Israel's border with Syria in order to provoke the IDF and divert attention from the escalating violence against his own people.

Earlier last week, what seems like another caravan of 'delegates' (it's so hard to tell who is doing what with overlapping reports attempting to produce the illusion of great numbers) stopped in Tehran and were greeted by Ahmedinijad who cheered them on them with the words, “..the Palestinians must rule the land. No matter how strong the enemies are, they will be destroyed and we must prepare for the great day in which arrogance will be wiped from the face of the earth”. 

It takes very special people to so compulsively resist the cognitive dissonance inherent in forming alliances with brutal, repressive regimes and, here in the US, we have some of our very own who signed on as sponsors. Predictably, they include such revered scholars as Noam Chomsky, Richard Falk, Cornell West and Judith Butler. President Obama may be shocked to discover Rev. Jeremiah Wright among those names and California voters may be amused to find former candidate for Congress, Marcy Winograd. No one will be surprised to find Medea Benjamin, the Code Pink agitprop pro, who makes a mockery of her avowed feminism by giving her blessing to the sexist, homophobic, not to mention murderous, Iranian regime.

For more information and to prepare yourself for what may turn ugly this coming Friday, I recommend the following reads:

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  1. Thanks for the good list of links, Bella.

    Keep us in your thoughts on Tuesday night. I hope I will be tweeting good news.


  2. Loved the juxtaposition there. "peace Activists" arriving to meet with corpses....


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