Monday, March 5, 2012

Harvard One State Solution Soundbite - Updates*

Little bits and pieces are emerging from the 'academic' conference held at Harvard this past weekend. Here's one such from Boston University law professor Susan Mussarat Akram: there is no legal basis for the existence of Israel.

"Israel’s claim of a state, on the basis of exclusive and discriminatory rights to Jews [sic], has never been juridically recognized. In other words, the concept of the Jewish people as a national entity with extraterritorial claims has never been recognized under international law."

Given that Akram appears very early in the program schedule of the conference, her claim helped set a delegitimization tone for the event. Why else would anyone want to re-litigate the past rather than seek a solution based on two states for two people?

*Update - here is a summary of the first day's program from an attendee. It sounds as if the whole thing was phoned in by the predictably anti-Zionist speakers.

Here's another with a salient quote about Ilan Pappe:

“'Gaza and the West Bank are the biggest open-air prisons in human history,' Pappé declares in an address speckled with references to Nazi-era Germany. He receives two standing ovations. Scathing condemnations of Israel are always more cathartic when delivered in an Israeli accent."

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  1. "Given that Akram appears very early in the program"
    I think you have a typo in the sentence. It should read "Given that Akram appears very early in the pogrom".



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