Friday, January 27, 2012

The Irony of "Israel-First" Denouncers Championing "American Interests" - Update**

Is Glenn Greenwald suddenly an America-Firster?

I've been under the weather this week and anyway too preoccupied by other matters to develop any of the stuff about Israel floating around in my brain. But I have this one question that I want to throw out there:

Since when has the Anti-Israel Left sided with "America's interests"? 

I ask this because of the "Israel-First" debate that's taken over parts of the blogosphere. It seems extraordinary to me that the likes of Philip Weiss, Glenn Greenwald, Max Blumenthal, etal, have used this trope to vilify folks who care alot about the effects of Israel on American foreign policy. Whose interests are they so busy protecting? 

Surely there is a Left-Right divide on that score. Think bananas, think Wall Street, think oil! Yet, the Anti-Israel Left glosses over these when claiming Israel undermines America's interests. How ironic.

I also ask this because of the love Mearsheimer and Walt get from the Anti-Israel Left for their continued espousal of the idea that the "Israel Lobby" has had a deadly influence on American interests abroad. This despite their "Realist" analysis of international relations which promotes the use of hegemony in the various geographic spheres in which any great power participates. 

Read A Progressive Journalist Calls Out Left-Wing Writers Who Use Anti-Semitic Tropes by Spenser Ackerman to get the gist of how preposterous but frightening it is for someone like M. J. Rosenberg to tweet about Eli Lake: “Lake supports #Israel line 100% of the time, always Israel first over U.S.”

And read Robert Kaplan's Atlantic magazine semi-paean to John Mearsheimer. The article is instructive in that it offers a good summary of Mearsheimer's theory of Offensive Realism. Surely, it is this theory that should put a mile-wide distance between Mearsheimer and his Anti-Israel fan club. Offensive Realism is everything that the so-called 'humanitarians' hate. The Israel Lobby argues that unconditional support of Israel is bad for American interests. But since when do, eg, the Palestine Solidarity folk take the side of American interests? Usually they're busy blaming Big Satan for Little Satan's behavior and vice-versa.

Anyway it's food for thought, if you're so inclined.

Postscript: somehow I missed this hilarious photo in Tablet today. Put America First?Nevermind the Lindberghian trope, but, again: which America, whose America? Codepink's? Pat Buchanan's?

Update 4.11.12: Apparently, I am not the only one who noticed some far Left appropriation of the language of 'Realism'. In a comment on Mondoweiss (to which I do not provide links) one Chespirito wrote:  "I do love the way that CodePink, coming out of leftist feminism, has become quite proficient in the language of national interest, the language of Mearsheimer, Walt and realism, a language that this country’s majority of non-leftists readily groks and grooves to. This is what we need more of if we’re ever going to launch a mass movement for a substantially demilitarized foreign policy. The confluence of leftwing idealists and nonleft realists that are rallying against our speical relationship with apartheid client state #1 is a mightily encouraging intellectual development in an otherwise bleak foreign policy discourse."

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  1. Check out what CodePink is up to now:

    I think they should put their donations to good use and liberate women in Tahir Square.

    Think the hypocrite, Israel/Jew haters will take a loud and righteous stand against the violence against women in Egypt?


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