Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anti-Israel Journalist Hangs Himself With Own Rope in New Video

This is a very good video, but for me the star of it is Max Blumenthal, whose own words about Apartheid conditions in Lebanon come back to bite him. He made a name for himself with Feel the Hate a 2009 video showing how, in his opinion, a small group of disgusting young Americans in Israel, represent the entire Zionist enterprise. Their behavior manifests the Dorian Gray-like rot forming inside Zionism's body.

The beauty of his statements edited into Apartheid in the Middle East is that they were originally intended to add weight to the argument that the Palestinians are suffering because of the existence of Israel. In an earnest video interview, Blumenthal describes the horrible conditions in which the Palestinians of Lebanon are forced to live. He describes latter day Nurenberg Laws of exluding Palestinians from civil rights, "...a program of eradicating Palestinian life... worse than anything Israel has done, in my opinion." "...a window of hell..." more shocking than what you'd see in the West Bank. Yet, in describing a neglected cemetery in the Shatilla camp that includes the graves of members of the 'Palestinian resistance', he hastens to add that the ultimate perpetrator of the injustice is the 'place-that-is-now-called-Israel'. Anti-Zionists always forgive the Arab states for their atrocious treatment of Palestinians.

BTW, Blumenthal's Feel the Hate has spawned some telling Feel the Hate, Palestine videos that place the problem a bit closer to the truth.

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