Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Links From the Middle East Parallel Universe

Read below to find out why something is rotten in Dubai.

I've read so many things lately that confirm the presence of a parallel universe but don't have enough time to fully develop them as individual posts. So, assuming you've got nothing else to do this weekend, check out this random sampling:

From Amie at Harry's Place: an example of how every Israeli policy is 'washed' through the lens of anti-Zionism and deemed evidence of the nation's perfidy. In this case Israel's asylum policy for African refugees who, for some reason, reasoned it would be better to traverse vast distances in order to end up in the Zionist entity.

From Green Prophet, which I have to commend for acknowledging that Israel is an equal member nation of the Middle East, for: Oversize Load, Poop from the World's Tallest Building, about the preposterousness of building the super-modern, super-ostentatious, Burj Kalifah in Dubai without the existence if a waste disposal infrastructure operating to, as it were, scoop the poop. Kind of like putting the cart before the horse isn't it? But you could probably say that about the entire Dubai buy-me-a-civilization enterprise.

Also from Green Prophet: Going Green in Gaza, an unprecedented UN initiative to build environmentally friendly schools in Gaza. The initial $2 million prototype (masterfully designed by Italian architect, Mario Cucinella) is being paid for by Kuwait's Islamic Development Bank which begs the question, 'how will this fit into the world's largest open air prison?' 

From Franck Salameh, the brilliant assistant professor of Near Eastern Studies, Arabic and Hebrew at Boston College, who blogs under Ramblings of a Levantine Expat about how Israel, "a diverse human and cultural space composed of Jews, Arabs, Christians, and others; a mix unparalleled anywhere in the Middle East; a space with topologies, climate-systems, histories, languages, and geographies favorable to diverse cultural and human compositions, synthesizing centuries of intellectual, linguistic, and ethno-national intercourse and traffic," is 'othered' in a Middle East captive to an ideology of Pan-Arabism that denies the multiplicity of culture, religion and language of its inhabitants.

Actually, anything written by Israel-hater Patrick Seale is evidence of a parallel universe, but as a for-instance, have a look at this: Iran is no enemy of the Arab nations. He has alot more to say about why Israel is a bigger threat than why the Saudis should welcome Iran's friendship.

Likewise, here is the Informed Commentator, Juan Cole, on how the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't really hate the Jews and why a historic Jewish presence in Israel is overstated and, best of all, how Tel Aviv will fall into the sea because of climate change and how that's not such a bad thing.

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