Friday, December 30, 2011

Aisha Gaddafi Hires Israeli Lawyer Re Her Father's Death

Aisha, spurring on her father's goons, now complains that his killing
was a war crime.

From the Daily Beast we learn that Aisha Gaddafi has hired Nick Kaufman, an Israeli attorney, to petition the International Criminal Court to investigate if the killing of her father and brother, Mutassim, by Libyan opposition fighters constitutes a war crime. The petition states that the two Gaddafis were "...murdered in the most horrific fashion with their bodies thereafter displayed and grotesquely abused in complete defiance of Islamic law.” Further it states, "The situation in Libya requires you to investigate the commission of alleged crimes by all parties to the conflict. To date, neither Ms. Gaddafi nor any member of her family has been informed, by your office, of the initiation of an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the brutal murders of her father Muammar Gaddafi and brother Moatassim Gaddafi.”

According to the article, "Kaufman, who has a practice in Jerusalem, told The Daily Beast that Aisha  contacted him several weeks after her father’s killing. He was not particularly surprised to hear from her. Kaufman is a former ICC prosecutor who now represents defendants at the world court. Earlier this month, he got the court to dismiss charges against another of his clients, a Rwandan rebel accused of involvement in the murder, rape, and torture of Congolese villagers by Hutu militiamen.'It’s got nothing to do with the fact that I’m Israeli,' Kaufman said in a phone interview. 'When it comes to practicing at the ICC, I’m one of the few lawyers with substantial experience.'"

No one will miss the irony that, when push comes to shove, Aisha turned to the country that "Muammar Gaddafi refused to recognize and often described as illegitimate."

Send in the Jews? BTW, from her exile in Algeria, Aisha recently called for the Libyan people to overthrow the interim regime: "Avenge the blood of your martyr. Revolt against the new government!"

Read the whole article Daily Beast article here.

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