Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anti-Israel Tweeter Stumbles On The Truth

I've been so busy lately that blogging had to take a back seat to life. However, I have increased my Tweet-reading and occasional posting activity -- having come to the belated realization that Twitter really is a terrific news digest.

So...this morning I caught a wonderful if unintentionally ironic tweet by a self-described, "Unpaid professional anti-Israel tweeter." It said, "My mistakes just make me angrier at Israel" (retweeted by the purposely ironic @ThisIsPalestine.) It had the feel of a Barbara Kruger text-byte, so I thought I'd share my interpretation of how it may have looked as an example of her work. I have no idea of what her I/P politics are but I hope she doesn't mind.

BTW my Twitter account is: @MidEstParallelU.

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