Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Potential International 'Lawfare' Against Released Palestinian Terrorists

Ah...the beatific smile of Ahlam Tamimi who helped make a martyr of
the suicide bomber who killed 16 people at the Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem.
Honored by the PA in March, she was released today.

Roee Ruttenberg at +972mag.com has a refreshing thought: Palestinian prisoners could face international extradition.

"Israel has released Palestinian prisoners from its jail in the past. But this exchange is especially touchy for a number of reasons, least of which might be the freshness of some of the attacks that landed these people in jail in the first place. But for the prisoners, this might not be the end of their time behind bars.

Some of the families of foreign-national or dual-national victims killed in these attacks could take their cases to their respective national courts and governments. A Palestinian prisoner like Ahlam Tamimi, one of the 27 woman being released, is being “exiled” to Jordan. Having been involved in an attack that left American and Dutch nationals dead, should could face extradition charges. Even if the Israeli Prime Minister signs a deal for their exchange, and the Israeli President official pardons them, does that hinder the rights of other leaders around the world to pursue them?" Read the rest here, including descriptions of some of those released.

I hope Shurat HaDin is taking note. It should fit in well with its Bankrupting Terrorism-- One Lawsuit at a Time program. I like it!

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  1. Except that now we'd be treated to horrifying bake sales at every Reform Shul in America to raise funds for their defense.


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