Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Gilad Shalit: Hamas Knows the Price of Everything But the Value of Nothing*

Kinehora, I'm afraid to say anything about it, but maybe, finally, Gilad Shalit will return to his family. Check out the links about the swap deal (below), but the main thing I want to illustrate is the difference between the value Israel places on the life of one individual in comparison to Hamas:

Every family in Israel has a potential Gilad and there was tremendous anger at the government for not doing everything it could to effect Gilad's release despite knowing how dangerous it would be to release so many Hamas prisoners. NGO Monitor has called the price Israel will pay for the swap, immoral extortion.

Whereas the Hamas 'government' and, seemingly, Gaza's population, enthusiastically promote the use of civilian shields in dense areas to effect the largest number of casualties when Israel retaliates for unprovoked attacks.

Here is how one mother whose son died in a terrorist attack feels about the swap:

"In Israel, there were some mixed emotions. Yehudit Shahor, whose teenage son Uri was killed by Palestinians in 1995, told Israeli television that 'despite the fear I feel as an Israeli citizen and a terror victim, I am very happy for the Shalit family and feel moved as a mother that this boy will come home.'
"But she said she had no doubt that any killers among the released Palestinians would kill again. She added: 'I will never see Uri again, but Aviva Shalit has a chance to see her son Gilad. And even if this is a tough deal, a living boy must be returned home at all costs.'”
Useful links:
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*Oscar Wilde


  1. Hamas is dancing with delight at how happy everyone is now. Especially since they really won't ever free him

  2. But per Kristof, "Nothing is more corrosive than Israel’s growth of settlements."

    Hard not to despair.

    I can't go on, I'll go on.


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