Sunday, October 9, 2011

NY Times 'Reveals' How Israel Persuaded UN to Accept Statehood

I have very little doubt that the NY Times published the heavily edited snippet, A State is Born in Palestine, in order to tantalize those who believe Israel was born in sin. This article tells the story of the UNSCOP (UN Special Committee on Palestine) 1947 fact-finding mission to Palestine in order to deliver a report on the partition plan. According to Ronen Bergman, an investigative reporter for Yedioth Ahronoth, newly accessed documents reveal how the committee was influenced, or hoodwinked depending on your point of view, from essentially a pro-Arab position into accepting of Israel's right to statehood. This happened in large measure because the Arabs refused to meet with the committee and forced 'Palestinian' locals to stay away from those areas the committee was planning to visit, giving the Jewish Agency a wide-open opportunity to deliver a brilliant marketing campaign.

Read the whole article for yourself and judge two things: were the Jews up to their 'usual chicanery' (as at least one of the article's reader-commentors asserted), and is the article sufficiently ambiguous to meet the NY Times' ambivalence about Israel's legitimacy? To me it confirms the Arabs' intransigent, self-defeating position which hasn't really changed since 1947 and provides a great example of the Jewish Agency's multivalent preparedness for achieving statehood .

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