Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gilad Shalit Exploited by Egyptian Television - Update***

I am so relieved to see Gilad alive and to witness his extraordinary dignity in dealing with this exploitative interview*. The Egyptians are clearly looking to squeeze the most propaganda out of their role in implementing his release.

According to Ynet.com, "(Israeli) Security officials noted that the interview was held despite Israel's refusal, and significantly delayed his return to Israel."

Still, I'm happy that, for whatever reason, the stars aligned and we are here today.

Vehigianu l'azman hazeh.

* Read this piece on CIFWatch for an example of how Gilad's interview responses are mistranslated to suit the Guardian's ideological goals.

** Check out the Elder on Why Gilad seemed ill at ease during his Egypt TV interview. Vicious bastards.

*** For a comprehensive report about the forced interview, please read Interview with Shalit criticized by just about everyone in the NY Times.

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