Thursday, October 13, 2011

From Arab Press Cartoons: Jews Control the UN (Via The Black President)

In case you were wondering if the Arab Spring had opened up the space for diversity of opinion regarding...well, anything, but particularly the discourse on Jews, ADL provides an answer in Cartoons in Arab Press Demonize Israel, US Over Palestinian UN Statehood Bid. Most of the samples exhibited claim, predictably, that Jews control the UN, the US, the World, but I find one cartoon particularly interesting in that it is an elaboration of the classic Elders of Zion trope towards one that confirms The Great Taboo: Arab Racism:

Ad-Dustur, September 28, 2011 (Jordan) published on ADL's website.
FYI, Ad-Dustur is partially owned by the Jordanian government.

What are we looking at here? Is Obama blackening liberty? Is he painting her in black blood? Is it a black day when a black American president aligns himself with the Jews? You know, of course, that for some Muslims, the discourse on slavery privileges Jewish slave-traders above all others:

“Our research has shown that some of those who dealt in selling Africans into slavery were Jews. And as everyone knows, profiteering from the hardship of others has been a trait that has characterized Jews throughout history. We now call upon these Jews to make restitution for these crimes.” -- Louis Farrakhan

So...perhaps what we are to understand from the above cartoon is that Obama, the black slave of Jews, is planning to veto -- the UN Security Council resolution on a Palestinian State -- as proxy. A couple of other samples seem to agree:

Ad-Dustur, September 23, 2011 (Jordan).

Al-Ayyam, September 22, 2011 (Palestinian Authority). 
Just thinking out loud...


  1. Hi Please take time to read this who ever posted these pictures ... i would like to use these pictures for a little project of mines to show people the reality ?? plz reply

  2. I found these on the ADL website so assume you too can use them.


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