Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Asma al-Assad's Detachment

From The Independent: So, what do you think of your husband's brutal crackdown, Mrs Assad?

"Vogue magazine famously called her a "rose in the desert", while Paris Match proclaimed she was the "element of light in a country full of shadow zones". But when Syria's glamorous First Lady invited a group of aid workers to discuss the security situation with her last month, she appeared to have lost her gloss.
"During the meeting, British-born Asma al-Assad – who grew up in Acton and attended a Church of England school in west London – came face to face with aid workers who had witnessed at first hand the brutality of her husband's regime. Yet according to one volunteer who was present, the former investment banker and mother of President Bashar al-Assad's three children appeared utterly unmoved when she heard about the plight of protesters.
"We told her about the killing of protesters," said the man, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution. "We told her about the security forces attacking demonstrators. About them taking wounded people from cars and preventing people from getting to hospital ... There was no reaction. She didn't react at all. It was just like I was telling a normal story, something that happens every day."
This is what Angie Nassar in Now Lebanon has to say about Madame Assad's response:
“It’s like she has no soul…
"So there’s a difference between empathy and actually feeling someone else’s pain, right? I mean, I can look at a picture of a mutilated dead body and empathize with the idea of being in that situation, but I don’t know what it actually feels like to be a mutilated dead body. I also don’t know what it feels like to be the smug wife of a psychopathic murderer. Emotional detachment at any cost? There’s an entire industry of women who do this on a professional basis. It’s called prostitution. Here’s looking at you, you heartless wench.”

Let them eat cake?


  1. I am surprised the aid workers are surprised by Asma Assad's reaction to their accounts of what they have experienced in Syria. Mrs Assad needs no enlightenment from anyone as to what is going on in her own country.She is a highly intelligent professional woman, very computer literate, and I am sure she has seen many of the disturbing postings of the attrocities being carried out by her husband's regime on You Tube. There is a very poignant posting, albeit a song, contrasting her proclaimed concerns with the treatment of Palestinians with the brutality and cruelty of her own regime towards her own people.Again I am sure she has seen this.
    The point is , what on earth is she expected to say to these aid workers? She is disliked by her mother in law and sister in law who are very much 'Old Guard' and do not condone her western views and lifestyle.No doubt many in the military such as Maher Assad and in the Baath party share that view.She cannot be expected to speak out publicly against her husband and his regime.She dare not say a single word against it.Her silence however speaks volumes, surely.She has not merely towed the party line alleging the victims are 'armed gangs' or 'terrorists' as expounded by her husband and his regime.Neither has she given those meaningless assurances that reform is underway.I think her numbness is not a sign of indifference , but that of a woman who is deeply disturbed by what is happening , but cannot say or do a thing about it, certainly in public. What she says to her husband privately however would be intriguing.

  2. Asma Al Assad's family has profited from this regime with bountiful wealth and power. Asma choose to marry into a family that was known for their brutality and greed.

    Asma's family along with the Assads, Christians and select lap dogs from greedy Suni families have gorged themselves with the countries wealth and opportunities leaving the 99% to suffer in extreme poverty providing them with the basic necessities through subsidies.
    Asma has blood on her hands because she made a decision to be part of a family and society that has chosen to ruin a country with their greed and stupidity.
    Long live Syria.
    Asma is not disturbed as this happens everyday on a small scale in Syria and is known to all as a precaution to behave like children and do what their told or torture and death will behold you,

    Long live Syria.


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