Sunday, September 11, 2011

Richard Falk Still Doubts 9/11 'Truth'

Richard Falk on today's Al Jazeera website has a fairly predictable account -- some of it uncontroversial --  of how 9/11 is perceived globally, but he can't resist repeating his concerns about what 'really' happened on that day. He states his skepticism in a slightly more sober manner than in his original rant, but still:

David Ray Griffin is the philosopher of
9/11 Truth movement. 
"9/11 is especially elusive due to the continuing challenges directed at the official version of the events that make the mainstream narration a sacred text for some and a massive subversion of truth and political legitimacy for others. These doubts have not been put to rest, although whenever they rise to the surface, the enforcers of public truth respond with venomous denunciations of anyone who dares raise questions.

"Against this background, even 9/11 as an event remains contested despite the passage of ten years. How we choose to observe 9/11 is thus unusually arbitrary, exhibiting our nature more than its actuality. Under these circumstances, it may be better to regard 9/11 as a process rather than an event."

He is certainly correct that the event remains contested. There is an industry devoted to it and many 'professional' groups heaping their particular (but essentially the same) challenges to the 'official version.' Thus we have architects and engineers and firefighters and intelligence officers and lawyers and media professionals and medical professionals and religious leaders and scholars and scientists and researchers for 9/11 truth. But when you drill down through their respective websites you come to an intersection of the paranoid Right and Left and it all comes together in Perhaps this is where Falk keeps up to date with the latest developments.

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  1. Have you read Griffin's book? Falk is a loathsome self-hating Jew, but does that prove he is wrong about 9/11


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