Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Israel Wedge Issue Bandwagon is Getting Very, Very Ugly

Here's what I think -- there isn't a whole lotta difference between Obama is The First Jewish President in New York Magazine and Louis Farrakhan's: "Barack Obama was selected -- before he was elected -- to be the first Jewish president." (A video I posted with Farrakhan saying these exact words has been removed by Youtube.)

With Israel as a wedge issue you get liberal partisan articles like House G.O.P. Finds a Growing Bond With Netanyahu in the New York Times and Jewish Votes, Some of Them in Play which practically does Obama's polling for him. Then you get conservative partisan articles like New York 9: The Revenge of the Jews, which is just a random example of the dozens that appeared after that NY election. This emphasis legitimizes all the nasty stuff just waiting to come out into the open. It's extraordinary how the Left and Right cross swords over this issue yet produce the same result: Jews are too powerful in America. Gov. Rick Perry tries to curry favor with 'Israel forever', while the other side complains that Jews forced Obama to veto the Palestinians UN bid. Then there is MSNBC's Chuck Todd quipping to Jamie Rubin, "Who makes American foreign policy -- America or Israel?" (Sorry, I viewed it but can't find the clip on the MSNBC website.) 

And then there is John Mearsheimer's* partner, Stephen Walt, crowing that, "Despite what you might think, I don't have much to say about Tom Friedman's column in the Sunday New York Times, where he openly bemoans the disastrous influence of the Israel lobby on UN Middle East policy and puts up in bright lights how it is for Israel as well. I'm grateful to Glenn Greenwald and Phil Weiss for pointing out that this is the main point that John Mearsheimer and I have been making for some time in our writings about the lobby." Surely this is an example of an establishment 'expert' getting real close to crossing over into fanaticism while, somehow, keeping his reputation in tact.

*Do read thisthis and this about how Mearsheimer has crossed over completely. 

*Update: Read this too on the disgraceful wedging of Israel by the Emergency Committee for Israel.

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