Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Egyptian Rage Against Israel: Nasser-Infused Nationalism - Update**

Egypt's Spring opened up space for public displays of hatred towards Israel
that Nasser used to arouse.

The New Republic's Cairo’s Embassy Riots: Anti-Israeli Sentiment In Egypt Has Nothing To Do With Palestine is one of the best articles I've read for background on the Israeli Embassy rampage in Cairo. Read for example:

"THE VALORIZATION OF WAR with Israel is something that millions of Egyptians experience everyday as they drive over the 6th of October Bridge, one of Cairo’s busiest thoroughfares that was named for the date on which Egypt attacked Israel to launch the 1973 war. Meanwhile, approximately 500,000 Egyptians have left the congestion of Cairo for October 6th City to the southwest, which is home to October 6th University, and an additional 140,000 Egyptians now live in 10th of Ramadan City, which is named for the equivalent date on the Islamic calendar and houses the 10th of Ramadan University. Cairene schoolchildren, for their part, visit the October War Panorama, where they are taught that Egyptian forces defeated the “enemy” in the 1973 war, without any mention of the Israeli tanks that were rolling towards Cairo as the war ended. And while the anniversary of the Camp David Accords routinely goes unrecognized, Egyptians commemorate April 25, when Israel completed its withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula in 1982, and October 6 as national holidays."

** Update -  A couple of excellent pieces to add to your background reading on what is really going on with Egypt's so-called revolution and the new regime's relationship with Israel:

First get over yourselves and read Egypt's Botched Revolution by Michael Totten in Pajamas Media. Trust me, you won't get this detail in the NY Times. It will fill in all you may not want to know about the ever-present influence of Nasser. Also read Richard Cohen's Israel's hostile neighborhood in the Washington Post, which has a slightly more nuanced editorial policy towards Israel than does the Times.

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