Wednesday, August 24, 2011

With UN Bid Are Palestinians Being Led Down the Garden Path? Again?

Most commentary about the Palestinian bid for a UN declaration of an independent state has focused on how bad this will be for Israel. But here are a few opinion articles that show how dangerous it will be for maximalist Palestinian claims. Once again, Palestinians are being led down the garden path by very poor leaders who will do anything to avoid getting down to the nitty gritty of actual state building and negotiations with Israel. 

Claims for a One-State Solution, the maximalist demand of many Palestinians and their advocates, will be dead in the water:

UN bid 'may severely disenfranchise the right of refugees to return.'
"By insisting on going forward despite American and substantial European resistance, the Palestinians are committing themselves completely to the two-state solution. Their “gain” at the General Assembly must be viewed as the final, irrevocable commitment to that outcome and should destroy their ability to make their “one-state” threats any longer. It is critical that the United States, Canada, the EU, and all countries committed to peace in the Middle East make this point loudly and clearly now and after the vote."

Legal opinion from an Oxford professor who argued against Israel at the International Court of Justice concludes that the independent state bid will harm the Palestinian refugees' claims.

“An initiative to transfer the Palestinians' representation from the PLO to a state will terminate the legal status held by the PLO in the UN since 1975 that it is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, according to the document. Crucially, there will no longer be an institution that can represent the inalienable rights of the entire Palestinian people in the UN and related international institutions, according to the brief. Representation for the right to self-determination will be gravely affected, as it is a right of all Palestinians, both inside and outside the homeland, the legal opinion says. This change in status will severely disenfranchise the right of refugees to return to their homes and properties from which they were displaced.”

To which state should the UN grant recognition? Gaza or the West Bank? Legally, it doesn't add up.

"Instead of recognizing either of the two state-like entities that already exist, each having many of the attributes of statehood required by international law, the General Assembly will create an imaginary state that has two incompatible presidents, two rival prime ministers, a constitution whose most central provisions are violated by both sides, no functioning legislature, no ability to hold elections, a population mostly not under its control, borders that would annex territory under the control of other powers, and no clear path to resolve any of these conflicts. It is a resolution that plants the seeds for civil and international wars, not one that advances peace."

The Palestinians simply do not have the institutions in place for legitimate statehood:

"The Palestinians have misread what transpired at the General Assembly in 1947. True, the cause of Jewish statehood had been served by the vote on partition, but the Zionist project had already prevailed on the ground. Jewish statehood was a fait accompli perhaps a decade before that vote. All the ingredients had been secured by Labor Zionism. There was a military formation powerful enough to defeat the Arab armies, there were political institutions in place, and there were gifted leaders, David Ben-Gurion pre-eminent among them, who knew what can be had in the world of nations."
This just in: An excellent summary about why the UN should not give birth to a Palestinian state this September. 

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  1. But it does not work this way. The Palestinians continually do and say whatever they want with no consequences. They name streets after terrorists while condemning terrorism in English. They say they want refugee rights and imprison refugees in camps. They say they want two states all the while working to create a single Palestinian state.
    There is no logic or reason that can be used when they can have their cake and eat it too.



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