Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Mystery of Aisha Gaddafi's Newborn Baby

Defiant Aisha rallying Gaddafi's supporters in the early
days of the uprising.
In The Riddle of the Gaddafi Babies, the Guardian today is questioning the plausibility of reports that Aisha Gaddafi gave birth to a daughter, hours after escaping to Algeria. It wouldn't be the first time the Gaddafi regime manipulated the math for propaganda purposes:

"Even the most hardened Gaddafi critic must have felt a little sorry this week for his daughter Aisha. After fleeing Libya for Algeria, her new hosts announced the 35-year-old had just given birth to a baby girl,barely a day after crossing the border. All very traumatic. Not least because the birth came barely four months after Aisha claimed a Nato airstrike had killed her other baby girl, four-month-old Mastoura.
"Hang on. Two babies in eight months? It's possible – just about. But it also might not be the first time the Gaddafi regime has used babies as propaganda. In June, Gaddafi aides took reporters to see a seven-month-old girl who had apparently been injured by Nato strikes. Or so they thought – until a hospital staff member slipped a reporter a note, written in English: "This is a case of road traffic accident. This is the truth." Read the rest of the article here.

BTW, The Huffington Post has posted the most amazing album of Aisha photos found in her abandoned and ransacked home.

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