Sunday, August 14, 2011

Code Pink Staged Syrian Embassy Protest ...And (Almost) Nobody Came**

This is where you usually find Code Pink Warriors. (Medea
Benjamin is second from right)

Like me, I bet you've been wondering where were all the massive demonstrations against the Syrian regime's brutality against its own people. Well, we were almost 99.9% correct in thinking the Left didn't place a very high value on the lives of Arabs killed by their own governments. But Medea Benjamin, Code Pink leader and Gaza-tourist, proved us almost wrong and organized a wee-little protest in front of the Syrian Embassy a few days ago, semi-urging her followers to attend with these unintentionally ironic words:

"The shameless slaughter of Syrian civilians by their own government has been making headlines for months. We call upon the Syrian embassy to demand its government stop this senseless violence and give the people of Syria the freedom that they seek... Visuals will include: graveyard setup with tombstones and a large coffin, activists in all black lying 'dead' on the ground wrapped in 'blood' soaked sheets."

So, after months of headlines about the slaughter, one tiny group of 'peace' activists finally stage a mini-agitprop which, from these photos, seems to have been very, very poorly attended and didn't get any press coverage (are they ignoring Medea?). Now, imagine what would have happened if the Israeli government... Nah, forget it, it's too obvious.

** Apologies for originally forgetting to add a link to the photos mentioned above. Now you can really see how pathetically unsuccessful this event turned out to be.

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