Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anti-Israel 'Peace and Justice' Crowd Back Out of the Woodwork After Silence on Syria...

"Peace" activists hold up pro-forma banner template ever-
ready to vilify Israel.

Richard Millet braved another "We are All Hamas (or Hezbollah) Now" demo in front of the Israeli Embassy in London to bring us this story. Funny thing is, a London copper stopped him from filming 'under threat of arrest'. But that's not the only irony here. The very people who stayed at home while Gaddafi and Assad were butchering thousands of their own people, jumped at the first opportunity to protest against Israel:

"As Israeli families were still burying their dead after yesterday’s murders anti-Israel activists arrived at the Israeli Embassy in London to show support for the Palestinian terrorists that carried out the atrocity.
They repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction and after they started to surround me I was told by the police, under threat of arrest, to stop filming.
From the clips you get a sense of the vileness of the crowd that had gathered. I also seem to have acquired a rather unattractive stalker.
But the most sickening sight was that of the Neturei Karta, who passed me as I was walking back to get the train, en route to the Israeli Embassy to join in. Even the day after eight of their fellow Jews were murdered the “Rabbis” couldn’t lay low.
And this just an hour before the beginning of Shabbat."
Watch his videos here.
Rocket bombardments from Gaza into southern Israel continue.
Hamas calls off two year de facto 'truce' with Israel.

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