Monday, August 29, 2011

Aisha Gaddafi's House Beautiful - Update**

Judging by the number of hits on my earlier post about her, people are fascinated by Aisha Gaddafi and are insatiable for more news and gossip. So, here is a video of the enjoyment her open house provided to ordinary Libyan citizens once she bolted to who-knows-where, possibly to Paris where, in June, she filed suits against NATO claiming war crimes and alleged assassinations of four of Gaddafi relatives. It's hard to imagine her sweating it out in an underground bunker somewhere in Libya.

"This is the property of the Libyan people. They (Libyans) have been living in poverty for the last 42 years and he (Gaddafi) has been living in luxury. This all belongs to the Libyan people," said one man regarding the spectacle of such luxury amidst so much poverty. Perhaps this and the other shockingly vulgar belongings of the Gaddafi's family will go on display one day soon while Saif Gaddafi's London home languishes on the real estate market.

Another casualty of the Libyan revolution is the People's Conference Hall  (above) in Tripoli designed by starchitect, Zaha Hadid, but was 'put on hold' causing her firm to lay off many of its employees. The project was clearly an attempt by Gaddafi to rebrand his image and fumigate the stench of Lockerbie and other adventures off his dictatorship. This is one of the many projects in the Middle East and Asia that reflect, "a global trend to hire internationally recognized architects to transmit messages of progress through their works, effectively acting as cultural ambassadors" for despots everywhere, but may now be read as the cynical endeavors that they are.

**Update: We know now that Gaddafi's wife and three of their children, including Aisha, have fled to Algeria.

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