Sunday, July 3, 2011

World Media's Obsession with Flotilla: The Numbers are Disproportionate

The very expensive Audacity of Hope flotistas. 
There's plenty of good stuff in the blogosphere about the latest shenanigans of the flotistas and their fatuous fans, so I thought I'd just mention a funny/peculiar detail that caught my eye when perusing the Nation article by Joseph Dana, an anti-Zionist, Israeli-American journalist: "Standing in front of more than seventy (70) journalists from around the world, the thirty-five (35) passengers (of the Audacity of Hope) called on the Greek government to allow their boat to sail." Reporters outnumber passengers by 2 to 1? I think it's the most salient fact in his report and speaks to the world's obsession with Israel.  And like the circus audience secretly hoping to see the flying trapeze plunge to the ground, international media is morbidly anticipating bloodshed in order to rationalize their buy-in to this story. Or are Middle East correspondents so under-employed because they can't get into Libya and Syria to report on actual news, as opposed to this virtual news?

Another number that tells a bigger story is the $370,000 that the Audacious Hopefuls fundraised for their journey to deliver those desperately needed letters of support to Hamas' captives in Gaza. That's over $10,000 per participant that gullible donors* gave to this group of self-seekers. You know how the world is always accusing Israel of dis-proportionality? How does this stack up on balance? Well, I hope their accommodations are proportionately luxurious considering they are going to be land-locked for a bit longer than expected.

* Assuming the boat was funded by individuals (as opposed to more sinister entities.)

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