Monday, June 13, 2011

Syrian Gay Girl's Own Brand of Pinkwashing

The real Amina, the Gay Girl from Syria

There is a delicious irony in how the anti-Israel activist duo, Tom MacMaster and Britta Froelicher, playing Amina the Syrian Gay Girl while sitting in cozy armchairs in Turkey, protested to their 2,171 followers that:

"Having lived in both worlds, I can tell you this in all honesty; I have never once encountered any problem here on account of my sexuality that I would not have encountered were I straight as an arrow. I have never once been attacked or beaten or even screamed at for being a lesbian in an Arab land. On the other hand, I have had dung thrown at me in America for wearing a hijab, been attacked and struck by strangers for being an Arab …"

Jelena Lecic
Well, now we know why Amina never experienced any hostility towards her gayness. She never existed. Or rather, her image was stolen from the Facebook page of Jelena Lecic, a Croatian woman living in London.

But, at any rate, according to the daring duo, accounts of repression and abuse of queer folk in the Middle East are greatly exaggerated and are part of a Zionist/Neocom conspiracy to Pinkwash Israel. In other words, hailing Israel as tolerant and liberal towards the LGBT community is just another way of beating up Arabs. Witness the pretzel-logic that feeds their accusations: 

"We’ve gotten used to being used rhetorically by the advocates of war, occupation, dispossession, and apartheid as ‘evidence’ that the primitive sand-people don’t deserve anything other than killing by the enlightened children of the West; we’ve seen this story used to advocate murder of Afghan villagers, Palestinian refugees, Iraqis and so on. It’s given as justification for genocide by the ranting bleach-blond buffoon in the Dutch parliament and as reason for reviving the worst of the Third Reich by neo-fascists across Europe and America. Now, it’s being used as an argument against democracy."

The logic of anti-Israel pinkwashing is explained right here, but the reality of LGBT rights in the ME is closer to this and this. And you can read some more about Tom and Britta's activism on Harry's Place.

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