Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farrakhan to Nation of Islam : Join Scientology to Prepare for End Times

Are they tuning in to the same wavelength?

Thanks to Harry's Place for alerting us to The Southern Poverty Law Center's blogpost about Louis Farrakhan's endorsement of Scientology in his Saviour's Day Speech. I just had to share:

"Farrakhan, who in the past has suggested that no whites will survive the end times, now seems to be sold on the idea that Scientology is the means by which this can be accomplished. ‘All white people should flock to L. Ron Hubbard. You can still be a Christian; you just won’t be a devil Christian. You’ll still be a Jew, but you won’t be a satanic Jew. L. Ron Hubbard’s effort was and is to civilize white people and make them better human beings. Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people had to be civilized. He never wanted to continue this world nor was he trying to save this world. He was trying to prepare a people to build a brand new world and a brand new civilization.’”

And you thought you'd seen it all. Ha!

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