Friday, May 6, 2011

Tariq Ramadan: Bin Laden Killing was Obama PR Exercise

Tariq Ramadan was interviewed by Tony Jones about the Osama Bin Laden killing on Australian Broadcasting's Lateline. Here is his claim that it was Obama's PR stunt:

"At the end of the day, the way it has been done and all these versions and all this political statements that we have gives the impression that it's very much used as a PR exercise, putting the president Barack Obama in a situation where he is strong and he is showing how much he is protecting the country, because he has been criticised on that side by the neo-con and the Tea Party, saying that he's not good for the job in Iraq, in Afghanistan and even for security reason." 

And here he is truthing about 9/11 and 7/7:

"TONY JONES: You talked earlier about the conspiracy theories which have driven - have been driven throughout the Muslim world by people who say September 11 didn't really happen or it didn't happen in the way that - it didn't happen in the way that everyone in the United States and the West generally accepts that it did. 

Do you accept the evidence that Osama bin Laden, at the top of the chain of command of Al Qaeda, ordered the September 11 massacre in New York, and in point of fact many other terror attacks around the world as well?

TARIQ RAMADAN: Yes. I accept that. I don't have a - you know, between the conspiracy theory on one side and everything it should be clear on the other side, in between still there are lots of questions. There was no independent, you know, inquiry about what happened, and still now there are questions to be raised. And the first questions that we have is about what happened two days ago. So I think that ...

TONY JONES: No, can I just interrupt you there. We'll just stick with September 11 for the moment because are you saying there are still questions about what happened there? Because you were quite equivocal about this 10 years ago when you were first asked about it. You said, "Perhaps bin Laden is a useful bugbear, like Saddam Hussein." What did you mean by that? 

TARIQ RAMADAN: No, the first reaction that you are talking about is the week after, when we, for example, heard that with all what happened, we find two passports almost completely clean and with nothing, and I think, "OK, what's that?" I had questions, yes, with silly people leaving a car in a car park with things in Arabic when we all know that the pilots are reading things in English. 

I think that these are questions that have to be asked, and it doesn't mean that we are saying that bin Laden is not behind and Al Qaeda is not behind. And if you are a serious citizen, you have the right to ask, and this is what I did also in the UK after 7/7, asking: we need an independent inquiry, we need to know what happened, we need transparency on all these things, because the way afterward it was used by the Bush administration is to go to kill innocent civilians in Afghanistan who were not supporting bin Laden and not supporting the Taliban and they paid a price. And this innocent people would ..."

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