Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama's Speech Round-Up

Those 'monitoring' the reporting and punditry on Obama's Middle East speech today could be forgiven for thinking that Netanyahu was the only party-pooper speaking out. But have a look-see at how Hamas and friends reacted and ask yourself why you didn't hear about it on CNN, etc. Blogosphere reviews have been mixed with most pro-Israel-ers thankful that Obama reiterated calls for recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, threw cold water on the Palestinian UN recognition gambit, rued the Fatah/Hamas Unity deal and pressed for an end to the delegitimization campaign waged by the Arab world (and others.)

Although those were excellent points, they did not balance the insistence on Israel returning to the mythical 1967 lines (which are really 1949 armistice lines.) Is he, for example, saying that Israel really has to swap land in order to retain the Western Wall and other areas in Jerusalem that Jordan conquered in 1948 and ethnically cleansed of all Jews? And what about the Palestinian demand for the Right of Return of all refugees and their descendants? Why say nothing about that? Surely without a commitment to end that claim, any border issues would be rendered moot?

Anyway, here is a mixed bag of links to round out what I'm sure will be the predictable MSM if-only-Israel-would-give-peace-a-chance assessments:

Alan Dershowitz: President Obama's Mistake

Elder of Ziyon: Obama's Speech was a Rebuke to JStreet and Arab Hardliners

Yaacov Lozowick: Obama on the Middle East, Again

Marc Tracey: Bibi Gets What He Wants Replies With Scorn

Jeffrey Goldberg: Nuttiest Comment on Obama's Speech So Far

CS Monitor: Obama's Speech Missed Historic Opportunity Say Many Arabs

Ynetnews: Hamas - Obama Speech Total Failure

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  1. I line up with Jeffrey Goldberg on this one.

    As far as the 67 borders, this has always been the basis for negotiations. Obama was only re-stating the Clinton/Barak (Ehud) plan. I thought it was a very positive speech.
    For the first time I can remember since O.J., I do not agree with Alan Dershowitz. Although I wish Obama would have said something about refugee descendents, he did not by default imply that the descendents should be able to settle in Israel. Dershowitz compared it to Obama actively calling for a building freeze in the settlements. The logic does not hold up.



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