Friday, May 27, 2011

Move Over AIPAC Confab: A Gigantic Yawn

As I returned to blogging after a week off I wondered if I had missed the seismic shift in US policy towards Israel resulting from the AIPAC counter confab organized by Code Pink. Nope. The several-dozen-strong event didn't gather any serious press consideration, apart from reports of the pathetic disruption of Netanyahu's speech to Congress by one woman. And of the 'much-anticipated' speeches given by Mearsheimer and Walt there was no MSM mention whatsoever. In fact when I went on YouTube to watch Mearsheimer speak (mike in hand in what seemed to be a church basement somewhere) I found myself preceded by only two earlier viewers.

Successful agitprop this was not and one need only look at the conference endorsers to see what they mean by trying to change US Middle East Policy. It doesn't matter what you think about Netanyahu's speech, this confab's participants were only interested in one thing: the death of the two-state solution hastened by the elimination of Israel.At least for now, this particular foray did not succeed.

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