Monday, May 9, 2011

Asma al-Assad Escapes to London

Asma al-Assad met the Queen in happier days. She is back in London
out of harm's way while hubby crushes Syria's democracy movement.

It seems that Asma al-Assad has escaped to London where she was brought up, leaving her husband to wipe out the Syrian regime's opposition without the fig leaf she once provided. Even as recently as April 4th, she was the subject of an adoring portrait in the Daily Mail: Could Asma Al-Assad, a doctor's daughter from Acton, stop the bloodshed? . Apparently 'Fleet Street' hadn't yet learned the lesson of Vogue's shameless puff piece (no longer available online):

"Most intriguingly, this product of Eighties Acton could now hold the key to Syria’s future. As her president husband’s closest confidante, it is Asma al-Assad who is most likely to lead him towards reform and help stave off the type of revolution that has erupted in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya."

Apparently, she alone of all the ME dictator's wives, "seems to have escaped censure, despite having impressed the Western fashion world with her willowy and unglitzy style."

"Throughout Syria, portraits of Asma’s dour-looking husband dominate shops and schools, but it is his wife Asma who is acknowledged as the fresher and more beautiful face of the country. Her possible role as an agent for social change has suddenly come under the international spotlight. No one knows if Asma al-Assad from Acton can help her husband propel Syria forward. But she is certainly his best bet."

Should the wife suffer for her husband's villainy? Absolutely in this case. Asma, as all of her PR wants you to know, is a sophisticated, well-educated woman who knowingly fabricated an idealized version of reform in Syria. Whoever fed the Daily Mail this Cinderella story did a fine job convincing them of some rather preposterous ideas. We haven't heard from her since her return, but will Asma will be used as a propaganda tool to further humanize the regime? Read the rest of the fairy tale here.


  1. yes lets have another cruscifiction shall we, this time not at Golgotha but in the media!!!

    your so good at this, kol toov & shollom

  2. i will never forget the interview she gave Cal Perry from CNN. The angelic Assad was so concerned with the youth of the middle east, and especially in Gaza. Surprisingly or not, Perry did not confront her with the atrocities that her regime commits as a matter of routine. To this day, I remember this interview as the lousiest piece of journalism I'd ever seen.

  3. I wish Anonymouses would identify themselves somehow so as to distinguish one from another.

  4. She should know how it feels for those Syrian mothers she left behind.. they lost their beloved ones. Too innocent she looks, smooth as a snake.


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