Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NY Times Rejected Goldstone's Mea Culpa Op-ed

If you were wondering why Judge Richard Goldstone published his re-think op-ed of his original report in the Washington Post rather than the more influential New York Times, here is the answer: according to Yedioth Ahronot, "...a source close to Goldstone stated that in the past few days the judge had approached the editor of the New York Times opinion pages requesting to post the article he wrote in the paper – and was told his article was rejected.

The editor gave no explanation as to why the article was rejected, but the source believes this was due to the newspaper's political agenda." Read the rest here.

Also...according to the Jerusalem Post, "The British government has said that it does not support a call for a retraction of the Goldstone Report. The comments followed Judge Richard Goldstone's opinion piece in Friday's Washington Post in which he indicated that Israel had not deliberately targeted civilians or committed war crimes during Operation Cast Lead.

"Justice Goldstone has not made such a call, and he has not elaborated on his views surrounding the various other allegations contained in the report, allegations which we firmly believe require serious follow-up by the parties to the conflict," a Foreign Office spokesman told The Jerusalem Post on Monday night."
Read the rest here.

For an excellent analysis of the report's anti-Israel reverberations, read Goldstone's mea culpa has come too late by Michael Weiss in the Daily Telegraph.

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