Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jimmy Carter's Credibility: Finally Lost in North Korea?

Jimmy Carter loves to make friends with despots: above,
dancing with Hamas' Ismael Haniyah and
below, chatting with  Kim Yong Nam, N. Korea's No. 2 

After reading the following statement on Jimmy Carter's blog on his latest 'elder' trip to North Korea, can anyone, anywhere, ever take anything he says -- especially about Israel -- seriously? Remember, it was on this trip that he accused the US and South Korea of human rights violations for withdrawing food aid from North Korea:

"My country, the United States, is South Korea’s guarantor, which creates enormous anxiety among the North Korean people and drains their political energy and resources." 

The state department's director of policy planning, Jacob Sullivan reminded Carter of what really happened:
"As you know well, the North Koreans were the ones who abruptly suspended the aid program in 2009, ordering our humanitarian personnel to leave the country and leave behind 20,000 metric tons of US food. Everyone should remember who is responsible for the plight of the North Korean people, and that is the North Korean government itself."
Some background reading, keeping in mind how difficult it is to get news from North Korea:


  1. Such a warm and fuzzy article about a brutal regime. And yet, he demonizes Israel, the only democracy in the middle East. Jimmy Carter is the ultimate useful idiot.


  2. I agree, Stan. He is a mouthpiece for the worst of the worst, and still there are people who admire him.

  3. Actually, that quote, beyond Carter's anti-Israeli bias, suggests he is moving somewhere in the direction of Ramsey Clark.

  4. Every time I re-read that quote I am newly amazed. It is even worse than his claptrap about Hamas/Fatah unity in the WaPo today.


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