Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Osem to Buy Israeli Products for Passover

... and Yehuda matzot are a family favorite: thin, crisp and slightly overbaked. I wonder what our Jewish anti-Zionist friends do this time of year. Do they buy products from Jewish-American  companies such as Manischewitz, Streits and Breakstones, thinking that they're avoiding spending money on Israeli goods? Well, they need to think again because all of these brands have philanthropic foundations that send money to Israeli organizations and institutions. You simply cannot escape the deep connection to Israel that the vast majority of Jewish people, institutions and businesses have and continue to cherish. The only way to avoid them is by boycotting all things Jewish and I wouldn't be surprised if some rabid anti-Zionist Jews do just that. But that's anti-Semitism, isn't it? 

Unless, for example, Rebecca Vilkomerson of Jewish Voice for 'Peace' bakes her own Matzot and grinds her own gefilte fish. Read this Forward article wherein she laments that, "It is troubling that Judaism and support for Israel have become so inextricably linked," and minces words on the group's refusal to take a stand on a one-state or a two-state solution. As Ben Cohen makes clear, “JVP is characteristically slippery on the question of one state or two states. But it is clear that many of their members dream about one state, and for those of us under the communal tent, one state is a code word for genocide.” 

Read also about their slippery position in regards to boycotting Israel -- right now they attempt to target 'only companies that are directly involved in the occupation': "In fact, JVP’s “strategic” BDS position might not last very long. Rosen, the Reconstructionist rabbi, who heads the group’s rabbinical council, said: “Sooner or later we are going to stop the fancy footwork and say we fully endorse the Palestinian call. At our last members’ meeting in Philadelphia, that was the central question. We talk about it all the time.”


  1. They are no more coy than The Forward itself. It's almost unreadable. Every day there's a new piece on how funny it is to make fun of Jews and Judaism. Today no doubt there's something about an all pork pizza Seder.

  2. Wow.. you sound like a fascist. I don't agree with you therefore I am an antiSemite as I wouldn't buy Israeli goods based on their illegal occupation and war crimes. (that is not my opinion but that of the democratic free world)Jewish people have the right to exist in a peaceful world free from the threat of terrorism, but not to grow Jaffa oranges on land you steal from your neighbours by killing them.


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