Friday, April 15, 2011

How Long Did it Take Hamas to Blame Israel for Vittorio Arrigoni's Death?

... less than 24 hours?

Vittorio Arrigoni abducted and shown-off to the world
by his friends in Gaza. A text accompanying their video says: 
“The Italian hostage entered our land only to spread corruption.”

From the Jerusalem Post, some predictable stuff: Radical Islamic terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip distanced themselves from the kidnapping and murder of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, who was found dead early Friday morning in the Strip.

"Among the groups who disclaimed the attack was Tawhid wal-Jihad, the al-Qaida-linked group that had initially said it was holding the Italian national and conditioned said they would only release him if their own leader, recently arrested by Hamas, was released, Gaza-based newspaper Palestine Today reported.

"He added that the kidnapping and murder of Arrigoni was intended to prevent the next flotilla headed to the Gaza Strip, expected to depart next month. Barhoum explained that he believed the murder was meant to dissuade other foreign activists from arriving in the Strip.

"Accordingly, Hamas accused Israel of being behind the attack, noting that Arrigoni had often spoken out against Israeli policies in Gaza, going so far as to compare what he called "Israeli crimes against Palestinians" to Nazi crimes. Additionally, he was twice arrested by Israeli authorities." 

If Israel killed every European activist who compared Israelis to Nazis...

As the Elder of Ziyon says, he did not deserve to die, but you might be interested to read the Elder's blog for a brief summary of Vittorio's version of 'peace and human rights activism'.

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  1. Arrigoni was trying to play social worker in Gaza. Dealing with Hamas is like the story of the tortoise and the scorpion. The two were at a river bank and wanted to swim across. The scorpion, who was no swimmer, asked the tortoise to hitch a ride on his back. At first he said, "No you will sting me and I'll die." Then the scorpion explained how that can't happen because he would also drown. The tortoise consented and as soon as the two were half-way across the river, the scorpion plunged his stinger into the Tortoise's neck. As he was dying and sinking he said, "It doesn't make any sense! Now you are also going to die." The scorpion replied, "I know, I know. But I couldn't help it. It's my nature."


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