Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here's an Idea: Goldstone Should Spearhead Gilad Shalit Freedom Campaign

Almost all protests for Gilad Shalit have pointed at the
Israeli government. What about a new crusade to "humiliate Hamas
for refusing to obtain the release of its own Palestinian brothers?

In the Jewish Journal, David Suissa, before the money quote suggested in my headline, castigates the Jews for our propensity to blame everything on ourselves. Think anti-Zionist Jews for example. He calls it 'ifonlyitis': "The belief that everything is on our shoulders. It’s all about us. We can achieve anything. If only we would release a few hundred more terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands, we might finally free Gilad Shalit."

"If we didn’t have this obsession with blaming ourselves for everything, we might focus more of our energies against the real bad guys — and maybe even come up with some imaginative ways of getting what we want.

"For example, instead of pressuring the Israeli government over Gilad Shalit, why not transfer some of that pressure to the Palestinians?

"A Syrian Jew who sat next to me at the first Seder this year had this idea: Take the names of the hundreds of Palestinian prisoners whom Israel has already offered to release and promote those throughout the Palestinian territories. Drop millions of leaflets with their names and pictures. Promote them on the Internet and social networks. Buy ads in Palestinian newspapers. Film some prisoners pleading for their freedom and run the clips on Al Jazeera.

"In other words, put the real pressure on Hamas, not on Bibi. Humiliate Hamas for refusing to obtain the release of its own Palestinian brothers. Have them answer to the hundreds of Palestinian families who would love nothing more than to see their own Gilad Shalits returned home. Expose Hamas for turning its back on its own people.

"Think that wouldn’t be more effective than starting a “personal war” against the Israeli prime minister?

"It’s ridiculous to keep beating Bibi up over Gilad Shalit. His offer to release hundreds of prisoners is already risky — going beyond it would be reckless and irresponsible. He’s done his part. Now we must do ours.

"Just like the global movement to free Natan Sharansky focused on pressuring the Soviet Union, the global movement to free Gilad Shalit must focus on pressuring the Palestinians. Ideally, we ought to find someone with international credibility who could spearhead this effort — someone highly motivated to do something special for Israel and the Jewish people.

"In fact, I have a name in mind: Richard Goldstone.

"Now 'if only' I can convince him to go after the bad guys."

Interesting isn't it? Goldstone is ready to move onto something new, surely this idea would feed right into his hubris. Read it all here, another example of how in the parallel universe Hamas is hardly held responsible for Shalit's imprisonment.

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