Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hamas Shows Off Videos of Rockets Fired From Civilian Centers

Rocket fired from inside a dense civilian neighborhood in Gaza.

Daily provocations from Gaza are preparing the world for a confrontation with Israel. 120 rockets fired into Israel over the weekend and at the same the wise men of the Arab League, who habitually ignore the brutality in their own backyard, are calling for a no-fly zone over Gaza. We know who will be blamed for civilian casualties. When does this nightmare end? 

Now from Ynet.news,com: Hamas is actually showing off: "Videos uploaded to the World Wide Web by members of Izz al-Din al-Qassam, Hamas' military wing, show the firing of rockets from civilian centers in the Gaza Strip thereby confirming IDF claims. 

"The videos clearly show Qassam rockets being fired from civilian centers such as mosques and near civilian vehicles. Gaza terror cells choose to fire from urban areas knowing that the Israel Defense 

"Forces refrain from intercepting them for fear of hurting civilians. The killing of civilians in Gaza also serves the terrorists' purposes who claim Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza.

"The terror groups have for the large part refrained from presenting documentation of firing carried out from urban areas so as not to play into the hands of Israeli PR.

"Criticism against attacks from residential areas has been heard inside Gaza as well. Gaza police spokesman Aiman Batnigi warned the firing squads last weekend against operating inside or near to civilian centers after one attack left several Palestinians dead." 

Read the rest and view the videos here.


  1. And Goldstone gives the whole system of human shields validity.



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