Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hamas: Oh Dear, We Didn't Mean to Target School Children

... but it would've been ok if the bus had carried adult civilians. 

No doubt there would've been dancing in the streets of Gaza if the
rocket fired into the school bus had been successful in killing adult civilians.

I am suffering from a sense of utter futility as the news media, once again, describes the situation as a 'cycle of violence.' They're just not getting it. Hamas is deliberately provoking Israel into responding to its attacks as any nation would be obliged to do. And they're still not getting this: Hamas deliberately targets civilians while Israel deliberately targets the 'militants' who target civilians and, unfortunately, sometimes kills civilians because Hamas' military infrastructure is deliberately woven into crowded civilian neighborhoods. That should have been the guiding principle of The Goldstone Report. Nuff said.

Haaretz: Hamas says didn't mean to target Israeli school bus

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