Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weinstein/Schnabel UN Ploy Couldn't Lift Miral's Box Office

 Just for fun check out Elder of Ziyon's riff on the Miral 
poster that asks: 'Is this the face of a terrorist?'

Miral (2011) - International Box Office Results - Box Office Mojo: I'm rotten, I know, but this is another schadenfreude moment for me. Yes, I'm harping on about this, but for all its publicity, all the "movie they tried to stop" nonsense, all those celebs and diplomats mixing it at the UN, NY Times ads depicting a barbed-wire star of David, all the interviews given by Schnabel about how his film will open up a much-needed dialogue; all of that and still no box office to show for it. For Schnabel it may not be a big deal, but for Weinstein? Ouch. So, let it be a lesson: next time you want to peddle a mediocre film consider going straight to video instead of trying to play to the anti-Israel zeitgeist. It doesn't seem to pay.

So, the numbers so far:
Domestic Total as of Mar. 30, 2011: $84,797 (4 theaters)

Country Total Gross As Of Release Date
  • France and Algeria, Monaco, Morocco and Tunisia - released 9/15/10 - $145,944
  • Germany - released - 11/18/10 - $87,162
  • Italy - released 10/13/10 - $240,435 
  • United Arab Emirates - released 2/3/11 - $16,935
  • United Kingdom and Ireland and Malta - released 2/12/11 - $35,813

International Total: $527,227 (since first opening date of 9/15/10)

Not a great response in North Africa and United Arab Emirates. Why aren't they clamoring to see a film from the Palestinian perspective?

In comparison, Schnabel's The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, which opened in NY without all this hoopla, grossed $75,721 during its first weekend in 3 theaters. Just saying...

** Update: in an article in Daily Caller, Schnabel contends that "there’s a plan to undermine this thing because people wish that it would go away.” Hmm... conspiracy theory. Now where have I heard that before? For more, read this.


  1. I wouldn't have minded a good movie about the Palestinian perspective. Any hope that Schnabel was up to anything good disappeared when I read that he had cast Vanessa Redgrave in the movie. I'm also basking in Schadenfreude over the poor box office.

  2. It's a lovely feeling isn't it? What I minded very much was the hubris that negated Jewish and Israeli concerns about premiering the film at the UN, the home of anti-Israel shenanigans.


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