Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Upsurge in Palestinian Terror - Guide for the Perplexed

Today's bombing outside a Jerusalem bus station following ten days of rocket launches into southern Israel following the Itamar murders seem to be telling a story: intensify attacks on Israel so that it will be forced to respond and resume its place as the Middle East's bully. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority may not be reconciled into the one voice of the people but there seems to be a telepathic tango going on in which they are the two partners. What better way to kiss and make up than by provoking the same enemy.

Paramedics treat woman suffering from shock
after a Grad rocket hit Be'er Sheva

And it is precisely this: provocation. Hamas played that game in 2007-8 with thousands of rockets launched into Israel inciting the Gaza War in which many of their own died. But remember, for Hamas, what is bad is good. The more casualties (often of human shields) the better. When Hezbollah played the same game culminating in the death and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, it too got what it (really) wanted, a full-blown Israeli military attack. The PA, for its part, is keeping the flame alive by allowing -- no, promoting -- incitement against Israel in all its authority-owned media.

So, we seem to be edging up to the same thing again. No doubt Syria and Iran are finding this a propitious time to be mentoring their acolytes in the ways of terror because they will benefit from attention diverted from revolts against their own tyrannies and from new rounds of international condemnation of Israel.

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  1. The question is "what to do". Do we continue to take the attacks without retaliation and let them just continue indefinitely, or launch a military strike and give them what they want. I say launch a military strike against Hamas that will bring it to its knees, and ignore the hypocrites in Europe and the U.S. If a military strike is the chosen path, it has to be definitive.


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