Monday, March 28, 2011

Nir Rosen's Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie LSE Gig

Nir Rosen resigns from LSE, after two days | The Jewish Chronicle

A little schadenfreude on a gloomy Monday: Nir Rosen, famous for his nasty Twitter comment about Lara Logan's attack in Egypt had to give up his unpaid fellowship at the London School of Economics just two days after boasting of his appointment (guess where), precisely because of that remark. Did he think the news wouldn't follow him to London?

Nir Rosen, star of the anti-Zionist left.

Unfortunately, he will probably land on his feet again because he is a star of the anti-Zionist sub-intelligentsia. He will have gone down for his Lara Logan snafu but, I have no doubt, glorified by some for a more egregious statement made in the ever-awful webzine, Counterpunch: "I find myself in the unique and painful position of calling for international sanctions against Israel and wondering if a punitive bombing of Tel Aviv, the city I love, until it complies with international law, might be a good (albeit quixotic) idea." Given that some in Norway are proposing bombing Israel a la Libya should it be provoked into action by Hamas rocket-fire, I wouldn't be surprised if this idea soon catches fire. 


  1. Its so hard to believe that its actually gotten to this point. Its happened gradually, but we have arrived at "bomb Jewish cities" being an acceptable opinion. Genocide against the Jews. What a novel idea.


  2. The first country to attempt to bomb Tel Aviv had better have its capital well supplied with very, very deep nuclear shelters!

  3. Nir Rosen looks like Ron Jeremy with clothes on.

    Just an observation.


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