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Aisha Gaddafi: Unrepentant Cyanide Blonde

Cyanide Blonde: The
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Atrocities, has got her
Another fine example of the United Nations' deaf, dumb and blind attitude towards ME despots was the appointment of Aisha Gaddafi as Regional Goodwill Ambassador in 2009. Gaddafi, an attorney who had served on Saddam Hussein's defense team, acted primarily as goodwill ambassador for her father's regime. As illustrated in this 2010 Telegraph interview and recent video above, she is an unapologetic apologist for tyranny everywhere:

"What about those who say Libya’s criminal justice system does not respect human rights?
I have tried to understand why people say that, and where Libya is violating human rights, but I have not found anything. Those criticisms are completely groundless.
Why did you choose to join the defence team for Saddam Hussein’s war crimes trial?
I studied law and I felt duty bound to defend anyone who feels he is wrongly accused. The reason I felt so commited was because there was so much of a campaign to discredit him in the media - pictures of him wearing underwear, having his teeth checked and so on. It was all designed to make him look inhumane. I also felt a drive to defend the Iraqi people.
But he wasn’t he also accused of killing roughly 300,000 of his own people? There were many Iraqis who were delighted when he was hung.
It is only normal that some people are against you and some are with you. You are bound to meet people who may be against your policies.

But wasn’t Saddam guilty?
Let me put it this way. If you want to talk about the crimes that they claim Saddam committed, let's talk about what is taking place in Iraq. More than 1 million Iraqis have been killed, and the whole civilisation of Iraq has been wiped out.
In 2000, you gave a speech at Speakers’ Corner in London in favour of the IRA. Why do you support them?
I have always been a supporter of all liberation movements."

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