Saturday, February 5, 2011

Syrian Opposition: "They oppressed it until they killed it."

Anywhere but here: Assad keeps a close
watch on potential dissent.

As I mentioned the other day, Assad insists that he is closer to his people than is Mubarak because his "...anti-American positions and confrontation with Israel have left him in better shape with the grassroots in his nation."

And, lo and behold, yesterday's planned "'Day of Rage' failed to materialize." As the NY Times reports today, "'Syria is the last country where regime change will occur,' said a political activist, speaking on the conditions of anonymity for fear of retribution, like others interviewed. 'The culture of protesting is not present here. They oppressed it until they killed it," added another activist.'"

How interesting that anti-Israel and realpolitik pundits have placed much of the blame of Egypt's political repression on it's peace treaty with Israel and the consequent American stranglehold placed upon it. Yet, it seems that Syrian repression is tolerated precisely because of the anti-Israel, anti-American position. From the AP: "An editorial this week in the Baath newspaper, mouthpiece of the ruling party, said the uprising in Egypt is proof that all the troubles of the Arab world stem from "'the complete acquiescence of some (Arab) regimes to the U.S. and their acceptance to take Zionist dictates.'" Preposterous. Syrian dissent is almost non-existent because it is ruled by a kleptocratic minority with a highly effective repression apparatus. Full stop.

My point: the Arab masses lose either way.


  1. Trying to find consistent logic in the Israel is to blame crowd makes my head spin.


  2. Sunday the 17th of April All syrian MUST Must have Dignity and bravery should Go out and Stand out for His Freedom (Don’t Be a dog)

  3. Don't bother, it ain't there to find.


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