Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wise Ruminations About the Jawaher Abu Rahma Story

From the Tel Aviv demonstrations. Are Israeli peace activists
feeding the delegitimization machine?
Since I believe that the Legitimacy War must be won by Israel in order to achieve peace, here is some commentary about why this is so difficult. Yaacov Lozowick wraps up all elements of Jawaher Abu Rahma story beautifully particularly regarding how Israel should respond to the propaganda machine always at the ready to vilify it:

"You can however see the problematic dynamic of the official Israeli response. The lesson learned from the Muhammad Al-Durra case in September 2000, and then from other examples since, is that Israel's enemies often blatantly lie about complex cases so as to create an irrevocable public perception of Israeli guilt, and by the time the Israelis complete their careful examination and can exonerate themselves, the story is long over and the damage is done. Hence the need to respond quickly - the problem being, however, that responding quickly can often be sloppy, and Israeli inaccuracies are as damaging as the enemy's lies.

"I don't see how this can be rectified. Especially since there's a large market for stories of Israeli malice, irrespective of their veracity."

 Read the rest here.

The Mess Report adds this:

"The Palestinians are looking for a symbol. There is no doubt they are trying to leverage the incident for their needs. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who was in Brazil, was quick to condemn the IDF for the killing of Abu Rahmah, as did other senior Palestinian figures. Israel will now seek to convince the world that the IDF is not behind the death, but on the international level this is a lost battle. Abu Rahmah is already a symbol and few will care to listen to the Israeli arguments."


  1. The picture makes me cringe. Getting the world press to report in a responsible manner is a daunting task.

    I like the concept of your blog. I am a liberal, and I find it uncomfortable to be agreeing with many republicans and disagreeing with people on the left.


  2. I hear you -- it's a hard road to hoe.

  3. Keep up the struggle for the truth to come out. It is particularly useful to post on Bernard Avishai's blog which gives all the phony myths of the Left the patina of intellectual backing.


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