Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Palestine Papers Rorschach Test

The head spinning 'revelations' of the Palestine Papers have a Rorschach-like quality in that the documents can be interpreted any which way depending on who is doing the reading.

The Palestinian Papers Rorschach Test:
What you see is who you are.

For the more naive, 'purer of heart', pro-Palestinian side they confirm that Israel has had a negotiating partner all along and that the Palestinians are the poor/weak/desperate victims of Israeli and American machinations. For the evil hearted, sabotaging, pro-Palestinian cohort -- and here I place, among others, both Al-Jezeera and The Guardian -- the Palestinians were willing to sell their people down the river by giving up large areas of Jerusalem and the whole-hog Right of Return.

The PA leadership has called the papers 'a bunch of lies,' while Hamas is thrilled by the exposure of the PA's collaboration. In Israel, the right and left naturally have opposite interpretations: "Politicians on the Left said the documents proved a peace agreement was achievable, while the Right said they indicated the gaps between the two sides were unbridgeable," while some pro-Israel pundits are also casting suspicion on the truthiness of the papers themselves. So, herewith are a few articles -- of the many, many out there -- that spell out the various positions:

RubinReports: Explaining How The "Palestine Papers" Story Is A Fabrication That Teaches Us The Truth

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  1. Great picture of a naked woman.

    As far as "the papers". Its the reactions that are so telling. The same people that hostilely call Israel intransigent, blame the Palestinian negotiators for compromising. The Palestinian leadership deny that they would ever compromise. The press spin the story in unimaginable ways.



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