Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Noam Chomsky, Hero?

Here is Noam Chomsky's video appeal to the government of Iran on behalf of the two American hikers imprisoned by the regime as presented in the NY Times today. After you watch it, read below to see his initial letter on their behalf.

And this is the statement Chomsky issued on January 6, 2010 as it appears on

I have been deeply concerned at the continued detention of Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd 
and Josh Fattal, and hope that the Iranian government will be able to arrange for their 
release without delay.  Iran has ample reason for caution and suspicion with regard to the 
actions and plans of Washington, but these young people represent a segment of the U.S.
population that is critical of  these policies, and often actively opposed to them.  Hence 
their detention is particularly distressing to all of us who are dedicated to shifting U.S.
policy to one of mutual respect rather than domination.
I therefore appeal to the Iranian leadership to act in a humanitarian spirit and release 
Shane, Sarah and Josh.
Noam Chomsky
Institute Professor
Cambridge MA 02139
January 6, 2010

Remember, boys and girls, never take anything at face value. If they had they been just plain old hikers or possibly, g-d forbid, conservatives, they would not have been worthy of release. Not quite the altruistic gesture it may at first appear to be.

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