Monday, January 3, 2011

No, Jawaher Abu Rahma is Not The New Neda

Abu Rahma's death occurred on Friday, December 31st.
The funeral was held on Saturday, January 1st.
No time was wasted preparing the PR material.
All the world's newspapers of record are falling over themselves to deify Jawaher Abu Rahma as 2011's first martyr killed by the vicious IDF, as a "new Israeli crime carried out by the occupation army against our helpless nation," according to Mahmoud Abbas.

Yes, it is possible that she died as a result of the teargas used to disperse the weekly demo organized by her brother, but shouldn't we wait a minute for the results of an investigation, which, by the way, the PA refuses to cooperate with? It appears that there are many inconsistencies in the story purporting to tell how she died. More likely, she died of the Leukemia for which she has been treated in the same hospital in which she died.

It could very well be that rather than becoming the new Neda, the young woman killed by Iranian police during last year's post-election demonstrations, Jawaher may actually turn out to be the new Muhammad al-Durrah the boy who was alleged to have been killed by IDF during the gun fire that inaugurated the second intifada. That claim proved to be a hoax. Are we witnessing the birth of a new one?

H/T: Elder of Ziyon, Z-Word Blog


  1. Fair-minded post.

    I do find it very odd that when you look at the footage of the demonstration on youtube almost every protester has a camcorder or a cellphone held in camera position, and somehow this poor woman was overcome, fell to the ground and was carried off (how? ambulance? stretcher?) to a hospital where she shortly died, and yet noone has took a photo or video?

  2. We all saw Neda die and that's the difference. Bad as the Iranian regime that real atrocity was not hidden.

    Abu Rahma so far was at the fence, in her house, on a wall near her house and in a hospital.

    They don't have Arafat but they certainly still have the virtual kingdom of mendacity. (Thank you, Benny Morris).

  3. "The PA has emerged as the virtual kingdom of mendacity." Thank you for reminding me of this brilliant description. I fear we may never win against it. Here is the link to Morris' article:


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