Sunday, January 30, 2011

A New Term for Anti-Jewish Paranoia

Paul Berman  who gave us the expression, The Age of the Zipped Lip, about why we are not free to discuss Islamism has another good one for us. In a slightly impish and excellent review of a book of selected essays by Irving Kristol in today's Sunday NY Times, he coins a handy new term for shorthanding that quality that so compels old and new anti-Semites alike: the Judeo-Satanic. As in, upon reading Kristol's essay, The Neoconservative Persuasion,"Conspiracy theorists will be disappointed. They will ask, where are the Judeo-Satanic hidden goals? — and will go thumbing through Kristol’s book in vain."
I like it. We needed another expression in our artillery to describe the maniacal hatred and paranoia that precedes and subsumes rational discussion of Jewish power, Israel, money, the media, etc. Let's go forth and spread it into the zeitgeist so that next time Jews or Israel are blamed for nefarious activity we can ascribe the accusation to Judeo-Satanic phobia.

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