Thursday, January 20, 2011

Israel's Existential Threat vs Jordan's Existential Threat - Update***

Jordan's precarious monarchy
Falling Out - by Asher Susser, Tablet Magazine

A must read on why King Abdullah has become more strident in his denunciations of Israel: he is desperately worried about Jordan becoming a defacto Palestinian state.:

"King Abdullah speaks often of the great urgency of a two-state solution, blaming Israel for the impasse. Jordanian ultra-nationalists, in their fear of Israeli intentions and of the Palestinian presence, go even further, emphasizing the need not only for two states but for refugee return, totally rejecting the notion of long-term resettlement in Jordan. It is they and the Lebanese who were responsible for adding to the Arab Peace Initiative, in 2002 and again in 2007, the absolute “rejection of all forms of [refugee] resettlement” (tawtin in Arabic), which made the initiative virtually impossible for Israel to accept."

***This just in:
According to Foreign Policy's, The Next Tunisias, The Jordanian people are getting restive: "On Jan. 16, over 3,000 Jordanians gathered outside parliament in the capital city of Amman to protest the regime's economic policies. 'Jordan is not only for the rich. Bread is a red line. Beware of our starvation and fury,' read one of the protester's signs. Prime Minister Samir Rifai's government, which the protesters were calling on to resign, had already announced a $225 million package of additional subsidies to basic goods, such as sugar and rice. However, protesters have refrained from directly criticizing the monarch, likely due for their fear of a violent reaction from Jordan's security services.

"Jordan's Queen Rania also received a hostile response from some online denizens after she tweeted that she was 'Closely watching developments in Tunisia and praying for stability and calm for its people.' One Twitter user responded that she should 'start palace hunting in Jedda,' the city in Saudi Arabia where the deposed Tunisian president is currently hiding out." Cute.

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