Saturday, January 22, 2011

Britain's Israel Problem

"Ben-Gurion claimed...that Britain was purposely working to
prevent the establishment of a Jewish state, or at any rate
to reduce its territory, and that it secretly encouraged the
Arab states to invade."
Via Jewish Ideas Daily, Meir Zamir's piece in the Jerusalem Post may go some way to helping explain Britain's deep aversion to Israel and why it seems to be such an important hub in the Legitimacy War. In his recently published article  “Missing Dimension: Britain’s Secret War against France in Syria and Lebanon, 1942-45" in Middle Eastern Studies, Zamir examined the role of British intelligence in undermining French interests in the Arab world.

He also reveals from information gathered from over 100 previously secret Syrian and British documents obtained by French intelligence in Beirut, the use of what was referred to as 'The Zionist Card': the "... vital instrument used by British agents in securing their country’s influence in the Arab world by playing on the Arabs’ fears of the Zionists’ aspirations for a Jewish state. It was also exploited to deflect the Arab nationalists’ hostility from Britain and justify Britain’s continued influence in the Arab world.

"Constantine Zurieq, a diplomat in the Syrian legation in Washington who later became a leading Arab nationalist intellectual and the first to apply the term “nakba” to the 1948 Arab defeat, quoted in a telegram to Damascus on November 7, 1945, the warnings of an American official in the State Department: “Great Britain wishes to exploit the Arab-Jewish conflict because it is the only way for it to remain in Palestine, to dominate all the Arab countries. The American government strongly desires to find a friendly settlement between the Arabs and the Jews. But it is convinced that the British colonial authorities will do everything to prevent that, as Great Britain wishes for incidents to worsen in Palestine and for disorder, where blood is spilled, to take place.”

Perhaps some things never change and today's Israel-hatred is simply a manifestation of earlier British policy in the Middle East. Ironically, when PM David Cameron stated that, "There is something deep in our Party’s DNA that believes in Israel, the right of Israel to exist, the right of Israel to defend itself..." he might have said that the opposite is also true.


  1. Kudos to the British public for increasing resistance to zionist crimes against humanity. BUt, especially kudos to the increasing number of jews that opposed the equating of judaism with zionist crimes.

    We shouldn't forget that the majority of jews believed in democracy and human rights and were OPPOSED to the establishment of the state of Israel. They predicted that it would degenerate into a racist nightmare for jews - and they were right.

    The American Council for Judaism

    Remembering the Prophetic Vision of Zionism’s Jewish Critics

    From the earliest days of Zionism, the philosophy which proclaimed that Jews were a distinct nationality, not a religious community, and should return to their ancient “homeland” in Palestine, it represented a minority view among Jews....

    ....In 1897, the Central Conference of American Rabbis adopted a resolution disapproving of any attempt to establish a Jewish state. The resolution stated: “Zion was a precious possession of the past…as such it is a holy memory, but it is not our hope of the future. America is our Zion.” In 1904, The American Israelite, edited by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, the leader of American Reform Judaism in the 19th century, noted: “There is not one solitary prominent native Jewish-American who is an advocate of Zionism.” ...

    ...In 1919, a petition was presented to President Woodrow Wilson entitled “A Statement to the Peace Conference.” It reflected the then dominant Reform position on Zionism and Palestine. The petition asserted that the opinions expressed therein represented those of the vast majority of American Jews. Those signing included Rep. Julius Kahn of California; Henry Morganthau, Sr., ex-Ambassador to Turkey; Simon W. Rosendale, former Attorney General of New York; Mayor L.H. Kempner of Galveston, Texas; E.M. Baker, president of the New York Stock Exchange; R.H. Macy’s Jesse L. Straus; New York Times publisher Adolph Ochs; Judge M.C. Sloss of San Francisco, and professors Edwin H. Seligman of Columbia University and Morris Jastrow of the University of Pennsylvania. President Wilson brought the petition with him to the peace conference.

    The petition criticized Zionist efforts to segregate Jews “as a political unit … in Palestine or else-where” and underlined the principle of equal rights for all citizens of any state “irrespective of creed or ethnic descent.” It rejected Jewish nationalism as a general concept and held against the founding of any state upon the basis of religion and/or race. ..

    ...With regard to the future of Palestine, the petitioners state: “It is our fervent hope that what was once a ‘promised land’ for the Jews may become ‘a land of promise’ for all races and creeds, safeguarded by the League of Nations which, it is expected, will be one of the fruits of the Peace Conference…We ask that Palestine be constituted as a free and independent state to be governed under a democratic form of government recognizing no distinction of creed or race or ethnic descent, and with adequate power to protect the country against oppression of any kind. We do not wish to see Palestine, either now or at any time in the future, organized as a Jewish state.”...

  2. If you want to relive 1919 you have every right to just as you have every right to be unhappy that history went in the other direction. Even ACJNA accepts the reality of Israel and is not fomenting for its demise, unlike the many anti-Zionists -- like troother Richard Falk -- who hamper peace prospects by actively promoting that end. Per the ACJNA mission statement: "As American Jews, we share the hope for the security and well being of the State of Israel, living in peace and justice with its neighbors."


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