Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spielberg Targeted for Boycott by Arab League

The Guardian reports that a Wikileaks cable reveals that Stephen Spielberg who donated $1 million to Israel during the 2006 war with Hezbollah was the object of an Arab League boycott of all his films and products:

"A US embassy memo released by WikiLeaks reveals that during a meeting of the group in April 2007, diplomats or representatives from 14 Arab states voted to ban all films and other products related to Spielberg or his Righteous Persons Foundation.

Schindler's List banned in the
Arab world?
"At the confidential US briefing, the head of the Syrian regional office for the boycott of Israel, Muhammad al-Ajami, said that Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen had agreed to ban all Spielberg's works."
A spokesperson for Spielberg, however, said that distribution of the films and dvds proceeded as usual.

The only countries not attending the Arab League meeting that decided on the boycott were Egypt and Jordan.

Of course, the Guardian, used the following quote to show how it really feels about the boycott:
"But Chris Doyle at the Council for Arab-British Understanding said the boycott was an "understandable" reaction to Spielberg's donation.
"It would be consistent with other decisions in the past over boycotting both companies and people who have done something equivalent," he said. "The donation would have been seen as hypocritical, given the ethical stance Steven Spielberg has taken on other issues including Darfur, and would have caused a lot of anger.
"The depiction of Arabs in Raiders of the Lost Ark was very poor, cartoon-like and full of the usual stereotypes," he added. "In a broader context, this applies to so many Hollywood films where Arabs for decades have been ludicrously depicted."
Now, will the BDS movement follow the Arab League's lead and announce a boycott of Spielberg and, perhaps, other Jewish film makers who may have donated to Israel-related causes?

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  1. This story is just what we need to ring in the New Year of 1933.

    Happy New Year.



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